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What We Do

KARAMAH seeks to create a global network of advocates for the rights of Muslim women, who are knowledgeable about the gender-equitable principles of Islam, possess the capacity to share this information with others, and are able to advance the cause of Muslim women’s rights in legal and social environments.  KARAMAH works to build this global network of informed, empowered advocates in two ways – first, by creating and sharing knowledge about the rights Islamic law grants to women, and second, by educating Muslim women in Islamic jurisprudence, leadership, and conflict resolution, so that they may become the leading agents of change within their communities.

Our Research Department serves as the central source of original and gathered scholarship on Islamic jurisprudence.  Through the development of original articles and presentation of lectures, our highly trained scholars educate Muslim women and the general public about the rights afforded to women within Islam.  Additionally, the Department gathers and disseminates the scholarship of Muslim jurists and other scholars and leaders from around the world, creating a strong body of knowledge from which our Programs Department creates the curricula of our unparalleled educational programs.

The Programs Department implements our goal of empowering Muslim women to become their own advocates in diverse situations and environments.  With our extensive, authoritative scholarship on gender-equitable Islamic jurisprudence, as well as our expert knowledge of leadership and conflict resolution, KARAMAH conducts powerful workshops and programs in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.  Our programs equip participants with knowledge of Islamic law and the rights Islam grants to women and provide training and experience in applying that knowledge in a variety of practical settings.  Alumnae leave our programs able to share this knowledge of Islamic law in their homes, communities, and societies, and to assume advocacy for their rights and the rights of all Muslim women.

While our research and programs are the platform on which KARAMAH stands, it is our networks of scholars, alumnae, and leaders who extend the reach of KARAMAH’s knowledge to a global scale.  Our alumnae become educators and advocates for the rights of Muslim women, and collectively we build a global community rooted in respect and dignity.