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A Special Announcement

I am happy to announce today a generational shift at KARAMAH which has been in the making since Ms. Aisha Rahman joined us three years ago.  Last week, at our annual board meeting, we elected unanimously Ms. Raheemah Abdulaleem, a young and capable lawyer, as chairwoman for KARAMAH.

For those not familiar with her accomplishments, Ms. Adbulaleem is a Senior Trial Attorney in the Employment Litigation Section, in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. Ms. Abdulaleem handles complex civil litigation under Title VII in federal district court concerning hiring, promotion, reinstatement, termination, backpay, terms and conditions of employment and disparate treatment.

Most recently, Ms. Abdulaleem helped the government win a landmark settlement agreement in US v. School District of Philadelphia. This case was brought on behalf of a veteran Muslim security officer working for the Philadelphia public schools who was disciplined for wearing a beard despite his efforts to obtain a reasonable religious accommodation. Ms. Abdulaleem has been on KARAMAH’s Board of Directors for 4 years.

KARAMAH is happy to welcome aboard young promising leaders as well as established distinguished experts. In the first category, I am also happy to announce the addition to our Board of Directors of Ms. Saleema Snow. Ms. Snow is an Adjunct Professor of Legal Writing at University of the District of Columbia law school and an experienced litigator with an impressive history in community legal services, and issues of social justice and poverty.

In the second category, I am happy to announce the return of Mr. Abed Awad to our board.  Mr. Awad is one of the oldest KARAMAH board members and a valuable Muslim expert in Family Law (among other areas).  Mr. Awad and I go back a long way. In the Nineties, we were practically the only ones writing on Muslim marriage contracts and acting as expert witnesses in American courts. Our relationship was always very cooperative and mutually supportive, a tribute to his respect towards women and commitment to gender equity.

Mr. Awad is a partner and founding member of the law firm of Awad & Khoury, LLP. In the last few years, he served as an advisor to KARAMAH’s family law division. He has also been part of KARAMAH’s Law and Leadership Summer Program faculty for the past several years. He is an expert on Islamic and civil family law.

Another old friend of KARAMAH, and member of its Advisory Board is Dr. Amr Abdalla. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Abdalla has agreed to head KARAMAH’s new Conflict Resolution Division. Dr. Abdalla is Vice President of the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C.  From 2004-2013, he was Professor, Dean and then Vice Rector at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica. Dr. Abdalla has been on KARAMAH’s Board of Advisors for several years and has been on the faculty at KARAMAH’s Law and Leadership Summer Program for over 5 years. He is the leading expert on Conflict Resolution from an Islamic Perspective.

We are very proud at KARAMAH of our growing mix of young promising leadership and established expert leadership in fields critical to advancing our work.  We hope that you share our enthusiasm and vision for a better tomorrow for this world.

-Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, Founder

January 2018 ‎‫فبراير‬ 2018 March 2018