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KARAMAH’s Letter to FIBA to Allow Muslim Women Basketball Players to Wear Headscarf

Date: 8/10/2016

(English) Dear FIBA,

I write to you today on behalf of Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir and her request to play professional women’s basketball while observing her Islamic obligation of a headscarf. I earnestly encourage FIBA to modify its rules and permit Ms. Abdul-Qaadir to play while observing her headscarf for the following reasons:

A Muslim Woman’s Right to Self Determination

While France increases its bans on Muslim women’s dress, international sports agencies like FIBA decide whether a headscarf wearing woman is “valid” enough to play basketball. Women today are stripped, literally or otherwise, of our dignity and right to self-determination. Instead, we are reduced to what society deems acceptable attire, presentation or behavior.  Muslims will […]

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Dr. Azizah al-Hibri Delivers a Dars Hassani in Morocco this Ramadan!

Dr. Azizah al-Hibri Lectures Before King Mohammed VI of Morocco as Part of Al-Dourous Al- Hassaniyah

Date: 9/7/2016

(English) This past Ramadan, KARAMAH Founder and board of director’s member, Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, was invited by King Mohammed VI of Morocco to deliver a religious dars/ lesson at the religious and scholarly forum of “Al-Dourous Al- Hassaniyah” held at the Royal Palace of Casablanca, Morocco. Dr. al-Hibri’s lecture was titled “Arrogance and Its Modern Manifestations.”