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الأخبار والأحداث

“The Islamic View on Gender and Family” by Dr. Azizah al-Hibri

Date: 7/19/2016

(English) Before delving in the topic of how gender and family are perceived in Islam, Dr. al-Hibri shared a few tips on how we can improve our daily and communal behavior in our efforts to create a balanced and harmonious community. In our age of information, information becomes power, and Dr. al-Hibri emphasized how sharing information with others can have good but also detrimental effects that create or exacerbate divisions among communities. Gossiping and spreading rumors only creates conflict. However, if we spread information in an attempt to bring about justice or rectify a bad situation, spreading information can be justified.

“Islam Ethics and the Other” by Dr. Azizah al-Hibri

Date: 7/19/2016

Dr. al-Hibri opened today’s class about Islam Ethics and the Other with a crucial question for the LLSP program: if democracy is the will of the people, and Islam is the will of God, does that necessarily mean that Islam and democracy are incompatible? Dr. al-Hibri refuted this argument because Islam is not coercive and […]

LLSP 2016 Keynote Address by Manal Omar

Date: 7/18/2016

KARAMAH was fortunate to have Ms. Manal Omar, associate vice president for the Middle East and Africa Center at the United States Institute of Peace deliver the Keynote speech on LLSP’s inaugural day. Ms. Omar spoke to the participants about Muslim Women Leadership. She emphasized the importance of the feminine leadership style. “Women leaders should,” she […]

KARAMAH’s Chair Welcomes LLSP 2016 Participants

Date: 7/18/2016

Today marks the first day of KARAMAH’s 14th annual Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP). KARAMAH’s Chair, Saleema Snow, Esq., greeted LLSP’s eighteen participants and welcomed them to KARAMAH. Ms. Snow read an inspiring passage from one of Zora Neale Hurston’s short stories: “When we are not satisfied with how we lived our past, and […]

Webinar Series – Addressing DV in the American Muslim Community

Dates: Monday: July 25th, 2016 Monday: August 1st, 2016 Monday: August 8th, 2016 Monday: August 15th, 2016 Time: All sessions are scheduled from 10-11:30am PT/ 1-2:30pm ET. Location: Online (Webinar information will be made available upon registration) Audience: The training is open to OVW grantees, with priority given to LAV grantees and partners, as well […]