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Asma Lamrabet

Dr. Asma Lamrabet received her Doctorate in Medicine from Mohammed V University, Rabat in 1988 and later her Diploma of specialty in medical biology in October 1992. She also earned her certificate in Immunohematology from Val d’hebron Hospital in Barcelona in 1994. Dr. Lamrabet has served as a volunteer doctor at the public hospital of pediatrics in Santiago, Chili and at the National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico.  She has worked as a hematologist at CHU- Hospital of Infants in Rabat,Morocco since September of 2004. In addition to her career in medicine, Dr. Lamrabet has been engaged in reflecting on and studying women’s issues in Islam. She has served as the President of the International Group of Studies and Reflection on women and Islam, based in Barcelona,Spain. Dr. Lamrabet is also the coordinator of a group in charge of revising the religious texts from a feminist perspective. Since February of 2010, she has served as Director of the Women Center of Feminine studies in Islam based in Rabat/ Rabita of the Moroccan Ulemas. Dr. Lamrabet is also the author of many multilingual books and articles on women’s issues published in international newspapers and magazines.