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Jawdat Said

Jawdat Said published the book “The Doctrine of the First Son of Adam: The Problem of Violence in the Islamic World” in 1966, which was the first publication in the modern Islamic movement to present a concept of non-violence. Now in its fifth edition, the book is still available today.  Jawdat Said was born in Syria in 1931 and moved to Egypt at a young age to study the Arabic language at Azhar University. In the introduction to his book “The Doctrine of the First Son of Adam,” Jawdat Said relates to Islamic reformers such as Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi and Muhammad Iqbal.  Said’s works about non-violence emphasis personal and societal problems, and are intended to serve as a guide for Islamic activists. He primarily addresses Islamic youth, and provides an Islamic way of life that disdains violence.  He has contributed to KARAMAH by providing his work, Law, Religion and the Prophetic Method of Social Change.