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Sophia Rose Arjana

Dr. Sophia Rose Arjana is Visiting Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at Iliff School of Theology. She teaches courses on comparative religion and Islam. Her primary areas of research are monstrous Western representations of Muslim men, Shi’a pilgrimage, and the holy sites associated with these traditions. Dr. Arjana holds a BA in Pacific Island Studies, an MA in Art History and Archaeology, a MTS in Ethics and Theology, and a Ph.D. in Religion and Social Change. Dr. Arjana is currently editing her dissertation, Wicked Skin: Muslim Monsters in the Western Imagination, for publication. She has published two articles on Shi’a pilgrimage traditions and shrine architecture, the first in Shi’a Studies, a journal published by the Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies in London, and the second in ARTS: The Journal of the Society of Arts in Religion and Theological Studies. Dr. Arjana is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the Society for Arts in Religion and Theological Studies, the Middle East Studies Association, and the Historians of Islamic Art Association. She has traveled in Morocco, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.