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Rahman v. Hossain

Rahman v. Hossain 2010

(العربية) حكمت المحكمة لصالح الزوج بأن ترد الزوجة جزء المهر / الصداق المدفوع مقدما، واعتمدت المحكمة على شهادة شاهد العدل الذي أحضره الزوج بأن الصداق يمكن رده في الحالات التي تكون فيها الزوجة مخطئة في طلب الطلاق.

The court, in favor of Husband, ordered wife to return the immediate paid portion of the mahr/sadaq.

The Court order the $12,500 initial payment of sadaq to be returned to Husband following the dissolution of their marriage. Based on the evidence, the Court held that Wife was at fault in the divorce because Husband did not know that Wife suffered from a mental illness until after their marriage.  It was not just the simple diagnosis but the behavior of Wife after the marriage including refusal to work, engage in marital relations and improper use of antidepressants.  Wife also left Husband and moved to another state. The Court found that based on Islamic law and customs if Wife was found to be at fault in the divorce the sadaq was returnable to Husband.

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