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Linda Sarsour-Community Organizing 101

Date: 8/4/2016

On August 4th, Linda Sarsour, an activist and community organizer, lectured about her work as a community organizer in New York City. She first differentiated between activism and community organizing. “An activist cares about an issues and shows up to protests, rallies, or meetings as an individual. Whereas, a community organizer is an individual who […]

Qasim Rashid Esq.-Message Mapping and Effective Communication

Date: 7/28/2016

Qasim Rashid’s lecture, “Message Mapping and Effective Communication,” taught LLSP 2016 the skills to communicate and engage with an audience, which are necessary in becoming a successful leader. Mr. Rashid started by asking the participants to come up with one line describing their ideal job, together with why and how they would do it. He […]

Farhan Latif-Theory of Change

Date: 7/25/2016

  Mr. Latif instructed our LLSP class on the theory of change (“TOC”), and how each of us can develop a TOC that is useful for running organizations, as well as for our personal lives. Sometimes, when people ask us why we do things a certain way, we sometimes realize that we do it because […]

Dr. Zainab Alwani-Islamic Jurisprudential Itjihad/ Reasoning I

Date: 7/26/2016

Dr. Alwani continued her previous lecture on how to approach the Qur’an by teaching our LLSP class about Islamic jurisprudential ijtihad (reasoning). She opened the class by repeating that at this current stage of our ummah, we do not know how to read the Qur’an, and that simply loving the Qur’an or talking about the […]

Dr. Zainab Alwani-Approaching the Qur’an

Date: 7/26/2016

Dr. Alwani opened her class, “Approaching the Qur’an,” by asking the participants to define their personal relationship with the Qur’an. The participants’ answers shared similarities: many use it for inspiration and guidance, while some use it to communicate with God one-on-one. Dr. Alwani then asked, how do we evaluate our performance as an Ummah in […]