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Merima Tricic is an LLSP alumna, class of 2013. She shares her story on being bullied and discriminated against because of how she chose to express her faith. “When I first decided to wear the headscarf, in the midst of my second quarter in college, I did not really expect a lot of reactions at school or from the general public. Perhaps it was because I was so taken with my decision that I never gave much thought to how my fellow students would treat me-I certainly had never thought that I would be treated differently by my professors. I assumed that I would be peppered with questions from my peers…why did you make the decision? Why now? But what I was not ready for was the judgment from faculty. After all, at a progressive university, can you really expect to have your relationship with a professor compromised because of religious dress?” [Read more]

Iman Boukadoum

“My name is Iman Boukadoum. I am a peace activist and a human rights lawyer. I was bullied – a lot! It often had to do with my name “Iman” and because I never fit in.  One painful experience, I remember vividly: I was on the school bus coming home from school. It started with a jeer coming from the back seat. “Chris” was considered the cutest guy in school. He wasn’t actually cute. But he did have an arrogance and mystery. Always coiffed with copious amounts of gel, he wore the newest trends sagging off of his skinny, cold body. He shot a spit-ball at me from his back-seat. Then his brother joined. Before I understood what was happening, the entire back half of the school bus was hurling spit- balls chanting cruel names at my plump, heavily side-burned face.” [Read more]

Shaheer Rahman sharing his story of being bullied when he was in primary school

When I was in elementary school, I had a good group of friends whom I got along with pretty well. This lasted until one day, out of the blue, I got called “terrorist” for the first time as a joke by someone I thought was a friend. I started off just telling him that I didn’t think that was funny, until the name started catching on and more and more kids started calling me “terrorist”- it almost felt like a nickname. [Read more]

IMG_9764 (1)

On March 3, 2016, my friends and I experienced a horrible incident. After finishing school, we took the light rail headed to Penn Station. There was a man sitting behind us on the train. He started verbally abusing us and cursing us out. My friend turned around to see what’s going on, and then turned back. My friends and I wear a headscarf. [Read more]

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