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Case studies are provided as a brief overview of how different courts in the U.S. have decided on matters relating to Islamic Law.   Each case was selected for the presence of Islamic Law issues or related issues dealing with religious law or documents.  The summaries provided are for informational purposed only.  They do not reflect the opinions of attorneys, and are not intended as legal advice.

These cases are a growing collection, and we appreciate suggestions for additional cases.  If you know of a case that you would like to see added, please contact us. The case does not need to be limited to the existing topics.

Yaghoubinejad v. Haghighi

The Court invalidated a marriage where the couple failed to obtain a marriage license as required under New Jersey law.

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Ellehaf v. Taffaf

The court determined that a religious ceremony was insufficient for a legal marriage where it failed to satisfy other statutory requirements.

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Farah v. Farah

The Court, in favor of the Husband, held that a proxy marriage held in England in accordance with Islamic Law was invalid.

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Aghili v. Saadatnejadi

The court, in favor of the Wife, reversed the trial court’s grant of annulment of marriage and held that the Husband and Wife’s Islamic marriage was valid.

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Tarikonda v. Pinjari

The Court, in favor of the Wife, denied recognition to a foreign divorce that violated the Wife’s rights to due process.

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