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KARAMAH is best visualized as a network of networks, operating on multiple levels. First, as an organization, it has worked assiduously to create formal, empowering relationships in which it strives with others to fulfill KARAMAH mission of empowering Muslim women through education and research. Examples of these networks include KARAMAH Alumnae Network, Jurist Network, and Speakers Bureau, and its Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.  Second, it has developed networks of collaborators who support and contribute to KARAMAH work, many of whom are listed in the “Our Partners” section of the website.  Finally, KARAMAH hosts many informal conferences and delegations and appears on many stages in support of the work of other agencies, nonprofits and individuals who seek to learn more of KARAMAH work or benefit from its expertise, and in the process become part of its larger network.