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Kim Lecoyer,


Kim Lecoyer serves as Chairperson for the KARAMAH's EU Steering Committee as well as KARAMAH's European Program Coordinator. With a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Université Catholique de Louvain and two master’s degrees – one in Islamic Studies and the other in World Religions – Ms. Lecoyer is perfectly suited to contribute to the direction and development of KARAMAH's operations in Europe. She first began collaborating with the organization in 2006 after participating in that year’s Law and Leadership Summer Program. Four years later, Ms. Lecoyer returned to the US to take part in KARAMAH's 2010 Advanced Law and Leadership Workshop. When she is not working with KARAMAH, Ms. Lecoyer works as a PhD. Researcher at the Human Rights Centre at Ghent University in Belgium, where her research concerns Muslim families in Belgium and related Islamic legal theory.