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Maryam H’madoun,


Maryam H’madoun is an alumna of the 2007 Law and Leadership Summer Program and now serves as the Executive Director of Karamah EU. She graduated from the University of Antwerp where she received her Ph.D. in Applied Economics studying the influence of religiosity on work, time, and social preferences. She continues to work at the University of Antwerp as a researcher. She also obtained a M.Sc. in Advanced Studies in Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven. Among her many achievements, Ms. H’madoun is a founding member of “Baas Over Eigen Hoofd” (BOEH!) - loosely translated as “Boss Over/of my Own Head.” As a member of BOEH!, Ms. H'madoun has contributed to articles and debates on topics of religious freedom and women’s rights in the media, co-organized creative sensitizing actions and political debates, and has engaged in discussions with policy makers on issues immediately relevant to European Muslim communities. Ms. H’madoun has also moderated and helped organize open forums for young Muslims to discuss a variety of issues, from relationships and marriage to identity and citizenship. In cooperation with Motief and Al Mawada, Ms. H'madoun developed “KiesKeurig 2012”, which can be translated as “VoteSmart 2012,” a project designed to educate, raise young Muslims’ awareness about politics, policy issues and to promote civic engagement. Ms. H’madoun also serves as an advisor to Niya, a networking organization aimed at facilitating Muslim professional development and providing opportunities for community service.