KARAMAH hosts several events in the form of lectures, networking events, workshops, discussion circles and educational programs to facilitate the friendly exchange of ideas and further educate the public about Shari’ah in general and the rights afforded to women under Islam in particular. Please check back often to see upcoming events.

Upcoming Events


Law & Leadership Summer Program 2024

Embark on a transformative journey this summer with KARAMAH's Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP). Designed for aspiring Muslim women leaders and those who support them, this immersive experience offers a unique blend of Islamic legal education, leadership development and conflict resolution skill building.

Founded in 2002, KARAMAH's Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP) brought together a select group of Muslim women from around the world to study and to learn from each other and from top professors and practitioners. LLSP courses provide participants with a greater understanding and essential skills needed to lead themselves, their peers, and the causes they are passionate about.

LLSP is a unique program diverse in ideas and cultures, but unified in its commitment to developing Muslim women's understanding of Islamic Law, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution. This year, the program will allow for both In Person and Virtual participation, providing for flexibility to meet individual needs, while giving an opportunity for an enhanced networking and learning through in person engagement.

Recent developments on university campuses have raised important Constitutional issues, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and other civil liberties, as well as questions regarding international human rights. Therefore, KARAMAH leadership has modified the format and timeline of the program this year to provide content tailored to the needs of U.S and international students and young professionals, which we believe will foster a greater sense of support and community.

The program will kick off in June with a Virtual Networking session, followed by six (6) monthly online lectures (July - December) on Constitutional Law, Islam & Democracy and International Human Rights. The signature Washing, D.C. immersion program will then take place from January 6 - 16, 2025, which will include lectures, panels, networking, site visits, and special guest speakers. 

Through interactive workshops, insightful seminars, and for those who can take part in the D.C immersion program, meetings with key leaders and visits to area sites, participants will gain invaluable skills, knowledge, and connections. Join us and discover your power to make a difference in the world by developing your knowledge base so that you can have a greater impact in your profession and in the promotion of civil and human rights.


Past Events


African Americans and Religious Freedom – The Struggle for Religious Freedom from Thomas Jefferson to Black Lives Matter

Executive Director Rahmah A. Abdulaleem, Esq. was quoted in article – “The Struggle for Religious Freedom from Thomas Jefferson to Black Lives Matter” published on salon.com on January 23, 2021 “I think it’s important to focus on the fact that after 9/11 so many Americans were asked, ‘Do you know any Muslims?’ and most African-Americans […]

African Americans & Religious Freedom_ New Perspectives for Congregations & Communities 1-30-56 screenshot

African Americans and Religious Freedom: New Perspectives for Congregations & Communities

Executive Director Rahmah A. Abdulaleem, Esq. contributed a chapter in the book – African Americans and Religious Freedom New Perspectives for Congregations and Communities Download Now

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African Americans and Religious Freedom

Executive Director Rahmah A. Abdulaleem, Esq. presented on African Americans and Religious Freedom Panel Discussion on January 12, 2021, hosted by the Religious Freedom Center.

Religious Freedom Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic

What are the religious liberty implications of the pandemic-related restrictions on assembling for religious purposes? And what other questions are presented by responses to the pandemic, both in terms of impact on religious organizations and as they relate to other church-state concerns?


Rahmah A. Abdulaleem, Esq.,

Executive Director. KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, Washington, D.C. joins the Wesley Theological Society for discussion of faith and freedom during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Law & Leadership Summer Program 2020

Executive Director Rahmah Abdulaleem presented on KARAMAH’s Law & Leadership Summer Program for the Study Al-Islam Radio Program as part of the Study Al-Islam “Life Topics” 2020 which featured the voices of women in leadership.

Lifting Every Voice In Religious Freedom

Why do African American perspectives matter when discussing religious freedom? The answers are as simple — and complex — as recognizing an important voice around issues involving religion and as complex as unpacking centuries of bigotry, racism, the legacy of slavery and what it means to be a citizen in the United States.


“Religious Freedom and Gender Equity”

Members of KARAMAH’s Board of Directors along with KARAMAH’s Executive Director presented at the “2020 Muslim Law Symposium: Religious Freedom and Gender Equity,” at the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law.

LLSP 2019

Law & Leadership Summer Program 2019

Thirty-six Muslim women attended the 2019 program and had the opportunity to learn from experts on topics such as Muslim Women’s Rights, Islam and Domestic Violence, Interfaith Relations in Islam and Spiritual Leadership. For some, this program aided in reinforcing their faith in the beauty of Islam, for others, in rediscovering it.

LLSP 2018

Law & Leadership Summer Program 2018

KARAMAH held the highly regarded Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP) from July 9th – July 27th, 2018, with thirty-eight attendees, in Washington, DC.

LLSP 2017

KARAMAH Inaugurates the Executive Session of LLSP

In 2017, we introduced our first-ever executive session (“ES”). Because of work and family obligations, three weeks is often difficult for many to accommodate. Also, Muslim women who have advanced in their leadership in the American Muslim community face similar barriers and obstacles. KARAMAH adapted the program with ES to reach more Muslim women leaders.

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