Transformational Teaching: Prophet Muhammad as a Teacher and Murabbī

By: Dr. Zainab Alwani

This article analyzes the transformative role of Prophet Muhammad as a murabbī.  Dr. Alwani1 applies a hermeneutic reading the divine text as a structural unity, a concept known as al-waḥda al-binā’iyya li-l-Qur’ān. After defining the concept of murabbī, she suggests that a holistic reading of the Qur’an can help us rebuild our concepts from within the Qur’an, a methodological approach that we can use to reshape the current religious discourse. Dr. Alwani presents the Prophet’s (pbuh) mission as a roadmap, a model that envisions a holistic relationship between the Qur’an and the Sunna as its final goal. She then devotes special attention to this model by focusing on his teaching strategies and how they impacted the first generation of Muslims. She argues that a strong methodology based on the Qur’an and Sunna can help revive the role of a compassionate Muslim community. Dr. Alwani closes by stressing the significance of developing this traditional role and applying it in all aspects of contemporary life.

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