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Law & Leadership Summer Program

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Founded in 2002, KARAMAH’s Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP) brings together a select group of Muslim women from around the world to study and to learn from each other and from top professors. The result is a unique program diverse in ideas and cultures, but unified in its commitment to developing Muslim women’s understanding of Islamic Jurisprudence, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution.

KARAMAH’s LLSP is specifically designed to provide training that addresses the unique challenges facing Muslim women today, while, at the same time, emphasizing individual’s talents and opportunities available to participants. Courses on Islamic Jurisprudence, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution provide participants with the fundamental understanding and essential skills needed to lead themselves, their peers, and the movements they are passionate about.All courses are designed to incorporate and focus on one or of the following topics:

Islamic Law: KARAMAH’s highly-educated instructors provide participants with lessons tailored to their level of expertise – everything from an introduction to Islamic legal sources to an advanced analysis of Islamic jurisprudence and international law. Islamic law courses aim to provide participants with the technical competency necessary to understand Islamic law and analyze legal opinions and statements based on the authoritative of classical Islamic jurisprudential sources. This allows participants to better understand and advocate for gender-equitable rights within the context of their religion and respective communities.

Leadership: KARAMAH has developed an intensive leadership component to its educational programs providing a mixture of academic and application-based modules that develop the knowledge and skills leaders require. Additionally, KARAMAH utilizes the latest leadership assessment tools available to measure the leadership styles of participants. These assessment tools allow KARAMAH to provide personalized courses that develop participants’ unique strengths and address their weaknesses. Leadership training increases participants’ confidence and ability to lead themselves and their peers and, eventually, entire communities.

Conflict Resolution: KARAMAH recognizes that even leaders with the best of intentions will likely encounter opposition to their work at some point. Therefore, we educate participants on the Islamic principles of gradual change and the most recent academic works in conflict resolution and peace studies. Sessions incorporate role-playing exercises, during which participants analyze value systems and moral frameworks that influence personal and professional decisions. This training allows participants to understand the causes of conflict, and how to approach situations that may cause tension or conflict. LLSP courses combine lectures and interactive sessions, including debate simulations, leadership and teamwork exercises, and in-class discussions. This approach provides participants with a theoretical and a hands-on approach to scholarly concepts.

Past instructors for Karamah’s LLSP have been drawn from distinguished institutions such as:

• Harvard Law School

• The Wharton Business School • UN University for Peace, Costa Rica

• Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) • Elon University School of Law

• University of Richmond School of Law

Participants are also given opportunities to meet with current leaders in government, non-profit, and the academy. Past participants have benefited from hearing the experiences and advice of leaders from top universities, various government agencies, and distinguished non-governmental organizations.


While KARAMAH’s scholarships have historically helped many women attend LLSP, we are constantly striving to offer more financial opportunities for women worldwide. Listed below options for donating.

$3,000 – Sponsor a scholarship

$1,500 – Provide half of a scholarship

$500 – Provide cost of educational materials for a woman

$100 – Help sustain the LLSP Scholarship Fund