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Muslim American Stories

Social alienation. Emotional and psychological suffering. Discouraged from using community resources.

These are common and consistent consequences associated with anti-Muslim school bullying, profiling based on religion, race, ethnicity, and national origin, and immigration-related discrimination. All three are civil rights issues for which the associated pain, stress, and trauma affects not only the victim, but family and friends as well.

We want to shift how profiling, bullying, and immigration issues are discussed in the public realm. With that, Muslim American Stories was born.

Through your stories, we want to promote an understanding that these problems – which are rarely framed as “Muslim issues” – deeply affect many Muslim Americans. In other words, what is the very real human pain and consequences associated with bullying, profiling, and being denied rights based on immigration status? We want to create a space in which an understanding for why  these problems can be so damaging can be reached. Finally, we want to foster a platform where Muslim Americans can discuss ways to address these problems in our communities.

By sharing your story, you can literally put a face to the Muslim American civil rights experience. 


We accept both video and written submissions, stories that, if accepted, will be featured on our innovative Muslim American Stories website. Throughout the year, KARAMAH works to uncover the truth to the civil rights experience of Muslim Americans, and your story might be used to highlight the reality many community members face. However, your story would only be shared with your permission.

Make a difference by sharing your story.