Juwairyah Syed

Dr. Juwairyah Syed

Secretary, KARAMAH's Youth Initiative

Dr. Juwairyah Syed is the Director of STEM Education at the Oregon Islamic Academy, which is part of the Muslim Educational Trust. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics and Education.

Dr. Syed enjoys working with Muslim youth, especially women. Her lifelong mission is to instill an appreciation and love of STEM education in her students, particularly her female students. Dr. Syed former students are now at top universities around the country, full of the confidence instilled in them by Juwairyah. They remain in touch with her, and she remains their mentor and friend.

Dr. Syed believes in a well-rounded education. A couple of years ago she arranged with Dr. Azizah al-Hibri to offer a series of Zoom lectures to her women students about Islam and women. The students were able to raise many concerns and ask many questions, thus expanding their knowledge of their rights as Muslim women, and on other topics. KARAMAH's Youth Initiative was born from this experience.

Dr. Syed has joined the KARAMAH Board to establish and lead its Youth Movement that has become central to KARAMAH’s educational mission.

Along with her twin sister Dr. Nowairah Syed, Dr. Syed is also the co-founder of Project Imagination Education (pi-ed), a nonprofit organization that aims to bring STEM education to young women in Pakistan through coding and robotics workshops.

Dr. Syed is a global citizen. Although she is a Virginia native of Pakistani descent, she was partly raised in Saudi Arabia. When she is not teaching Robotics or Science, she enjoys traveling. She has visited over 90 countries and hopes to visit all 195 one day, and meet youths from all over the world.

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