Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Gadelhak Ibrahim

Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Gadelhak Ibrahim

Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Gadelhak Ibrahim is an Islamic Law Expert in Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI), Criminal Law and Judicial Advisory Service (CLJAS). He also is a former presiding Judge at Cairo Court of Appeal in Egypt. He has previously worked with UNSMIS in Syria, UNMIS in Sudan and South Sudan, and UNAMA in Afghanistan. He earned his SJD doctoral degree at Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago in 2007, in the field of International Human Rights Law.

Dr. Ibrahim received his LL.M Master of law in International Criminal Law from University of Notre Dame Law School, Indiana, in 1997 and earned his License en Droit (Law Degree) from Cairo University, Faculty of Law, Cairo, Egypt in 1988. He worked as a Legal Adviser at the Egyptian Legislation Department, the Ministry of Justice. He served as a Judge at North Cairo Court for five years, handling Tort, bankruptcy, commercial, and investment cases. Before that he spent five years in the Attorney General’s Office as a Public Prosecutor (District Attorney) at Central Cairo District, where he was involved in handling criminal cases; terrorism cases, in addition to investigating violations of human rights in terms of abuse of power, arbitrary detention and police harassment. Mohamed has several publications, most of them in Arabic. He speaks Arabic (Mother tongue), English, French and Italian.


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