KARAMAH Delivers Keynote at St. Andrews World of Women Summit

On Saturday February 4, KARAMAH’s executive director delivered the keynote address at St. Andrews Foreign Affairs Society’s World of Women Summit. During her presentation, Ms. Rahman addressed KARAMAH’s approach – research and jurisprudence based education. Part of KARAMAH’s research is the legacy of Muslim women’s leadership. Ms. Rahman spoke of Lady Zainab and how her legacy sets an example for all lawyers and advocates today. Lady Zainab stood for truth and justice in the face of great danger and opposition. She was one of our first advocates, and her story teaches us of Muslim women’s leadership, resilience, and a constant commitment to truth and justice. Ms. Rahman then spoke of KARAMAH’s work, continuing in the legacy of Lady Zainab, on modern issues such as the anti-shariah bill movement, anti-Muslim sentiment, and injustices in the family law matters. To hear the full speech, click here.

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