Rahmah A. Abdulaleem, Esq.


Ms. Abdulaleem was raised in Philadelphia and was an active member in Masjidullah in Philadelphia during her youth. She is a product of the Philadelphia Public School System. Ms. Abdulaleem is a proud graduate of the Philadelphia High School for Girls. After high school, she matriculated at Duke University where she graduated with a double major in Religion and Sociology and a certificate in Markets & Management Studies. Ms. Abdulaleem obtained her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and worked at top international corporate law firm for 14 years. Ms. Abdulaleem represented clients in a variety of automotive, pharmaceutical and asbestos actions and as an arbitrator where she provided assistance resolving small claims to parties from diverse backgrounds with varying needs. She has successfully settled numerous cases through arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Ms. Abdulaleem has served as a Cadette Troop Leader for a Muslim Girl Scouts Troop in Maryland since 2016. She also served on the board of the Capital Area Muslim Bar Association as Treasurer from 2017 to 2019 and continues to represent the Capital Area Muslim Bar Association as its representative on the National Association of Muslim Lawyers. She was a Board Member on the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta Consultative Board from 2005 to 2014 serving as Board Chair from 2009 to 2011. She was also a Board Member of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Foundation from 2011 to 2017.

Presently, Rahmah A. Abdulaleem is the Executive Director of KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights where she works to create a global network of advocates knowledgeable about the gender-equitable principles of Islam and are able to advance the cause of Muslim women’s rights in legal and social environments. As KARAMAH’s Executive Director, she works with scholars to empower advocates about the rights Islamic law grants to women and to educate Muslim women in Islamic jurisprudence, leadership, and conflict resolution so that they may become the leading agents of change within their communities. Ms. Abdulaleem has coordinated and presented at educational and civil rights programs around the world. In April 2019, she led a delegation of Muslim religious leaders to Morocco. Ms. Abdulaleem has also presented at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. In June 2019, Ms. Abdulaleem received a Proclamation from the State Senate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for her work. In November 2019, at its 20th Annual Appreciation Banquet, the Islamic Center of Chester honored Ms. Abdulaleem for her work with KARAMAH in serving Muslim women around the world. In 2020, Ms. Abdulaleem successfully launched KARAMAH’s Virtual Law and Leadership Program to continue KARAMAH’s flagship in-person program in light of the pandemic. In addition during 2020, she gave multiple presentations on religious freedom and civil rights including a four week series on the history of racism in the United States.

As the Executive Director of KARAMAH, Ms. Abdulaleem advocates for civil rights, religious freedom, empowerment and justice for women around the world.

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